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Childbirth is a special, life-altering process that sets the stage for a child’s development throughout life. Award winning science shows that when done correctly, unmedicated birth encourages health and parental… read more »

A few months ago there was a viral image called “Dressgate.” It was a picture of a dress. “What color do you think the dress is?” Endless debate ensued. “Experts”… read more »

Subway recently announced it would be removing all artificial ingredients from its menu by 2017, including all artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Like typical sheep, people celebrated. “Wahoo!!! Victory!!! The… read more »

Honey was mankind’s first sweetener. Valued for its sweetness and nutritional value, it actually serves as Mother Nature’s antidote to allergies.  And when it’s taken straight from the hive, it… read more »

Sheila* is a registered nurse who reached out to me after reading my blog calling out America’s obsession for prescription drugs. Not only is she living young at 82 years… read more »

A glucose tolerance test is often pushed on expecting moms. It’s designed to measure their ability to process sugar. Moms drink a heavy dose of sickening sweet liquid. Then, their… read more »

Let’s face it.  Plastic sucks.  In addition to putting a choke hold on planet Earth, it’s harmful to an array of animal life, including humans – directly and indirectly.  But,… read more »

In response to a recent controversial blog I posted called “Media Left Out Horrifying Facts about Measles Shot,” Joanne, a nurse, emailed me. She wrote: “As a school nurse against… read more »

Get ready for the big antidepressant push. In 2015, Big Pharma will continue their tireless push to medicate us all with antidepressants. Don’t fall for the hype. When I worked… read more »

One individual dies about every five minutes from an “approved” drug – almost three hundred deaths every day, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and the… read more »

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