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"We Ditched Our Meds!"

"Doctors had me on cortisone shots and pain meds. Nothing helped my aching joints. After only a few weeks of using products from The People’s Chemist, I was racing the Sea Otter Classic - 10,000 participants and 50,000 spectators." *
— Peter, Collegiate Athlete
"Off all meds! Three months later, I had my lab work done. I’d lost 15 pounds and my blood sugar level came down from 220 to normal!" *
— Roy, TPC Fan
“I got off all meds after having a heart attack. Started feeling great again. I got my pilot’s license and finished building my dream plane! My cardiologist said as long as I stayed within the ‘sport’ rules he didn’t have issues with me flying!” *
— Tom, Pilot, 65 yo

Prescription Meds #1 Killer in USA

"I was taking Lunesta for 6 years. It gave me severe anxiety attacks and irregular heart beat. I heard about the Serotonin FX and my life has changed for the better, forever. No more meds, the anxiety stopped and the irregular heart beat is gone and I sleep great." *
— Kimberly
"I quit 40mg of Enalapril. I feel so much more energized! Thank you for that!!" *
— Sketch
"I was taking HBP, Aleve, Nexium, Antidepressant, Metformin and Ambien when I saw your website. I had been looking for a way OUT of all this health nightmare of drugs. I gradually weaned myself off while taking your supplements and I'm fine. I feel so much better." *
— Pamela
"I was 35 years old when my Dr. said I had high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure. He put me on Lipitor and BP meds. I never felt good. I’m off the meds! It’s been a couple years now and gotta say I feel great every day and haven't looked back." *
— Jon
"Five weeks ago, after 2 years of taking Lisinopril for high BP. I decided I had enough of dry cough, insomnia, anxiety and digestive upsets and in general not feeling quite my old self. Instead, I started the natural alternatives you taught and now I feel "normal" again, enjoying 7 hours sleep, no more anxiety, better digestion, etc. I am 79 and generally in good health.Thank you!" *
— Christina

You’re Never Too Old to Live Young

janet - Shane Ellison's 3-Step Sugar Detox is an amazing read! In all it's scientific facts, it's completely understandable and mind blowing! He wrote this for you and I so that we could understand it and cure the sugar addiction! It's given me many years of vibrant energy with my grandkids and on the golf course! ...The fact that he cured himself of low blood sugar at the young age of 14 is absolutely amazing, as you'll soon learn! You won’t believe what you learn in this report. It’s found nowhere else! This is a must read that can save or change your life!
"My husband was on 8 different meds for Type II diabetes. After 3 months, he was off all of them, with normal blood sugar and 15 pounds lighter! I feel like I got my husband back!" *
— Janet, California

Empowering Natural Health

"I have been using your products for a couple of years and they are awesome! Last year my son and I climbed Mt. Whitney - 68 miles in 5 days with a 40 lb pack. Cardio FX and Whey Advanced were my lifeline to keep up with my 17 yo son. Thanks for all your products and keeping them clean and mean!” *
— Larry, on top of Mt. Whitney, 14,500ft.

Prescription Drugs and Health Don't Mix

"After a heart attack and years of taking meds, they weren't doing any good. I decided to try Cardio FX and Cinnergy from The People’s Chemist and slowly took myself off the drugs. Feeling much better, I got my pilot’s license and finished building my land and sea plane! A check with my general practitioner, and the V.A. said everything was within limits! Oh, and when I went off the meds, within a month I'd lost 10 pounds." *
— Tom, Pilot, 65 yo


Chemist Shows How Meds are Sabotaging Your Health, Weight and Longevity and How To Ditch Them For Life

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"We Ditched Our Meds!"

"I started my journey about 7 weeks ago. I stopped taking all meds 6 weeks ago. I have lost 34 or more pounds in less than 2 months. I weigh in at my doctor's office. When I first stopped insulin for Cinnergy, my blood sugar average was 187. Now stays between 125 and 150. I know that will drop as I lose more weight. BP daily average is now great at 135/78 with Cardio FX. He is now very encouraging for me to stay off meds." *
— Ken
"I have never been much of a protein or vitamin guy 'cause I didn't think they worked and didn't want to risk my health. I started training for the NOGI BJJ Worlds and was introduced to The People’s Chemist. I hit gold! These products played a huge role in my recovery and my ability to train harder, more often. And I feel better knowing that I’m protecting my health with truly natural products." *
— Devhonte, 2016 Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion
"My baby and I were medication-free and she was born at home in the water. It was a girl! I read Over-The-Counter Natural Cures and six months later I feel healthy and strong, size 2 again, and 128 lbs!" *
— Tulia

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