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276 Pound Woman Fights for Her Life and Gets Off Meds

One individual dies about every five minutes from an “approved” drug – almost three hundred deaths every day, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM).  That’s twice as many fatalities in a single year as the total number of U.S. deaths [58,000] from the Vietnam War. This doesn’t include the 98,000 killed every year by medical error and over 35,000 overdose deaths from pain pills…For many, it’s time to get off meds.

It’s kill to cure. And most people won’t win today’s prescription drug battle.  If stacked, the corpses from annual drug deaths would reach from Earth up 125,000 ft where Felix Baumgartner made his record-breaking jump from space.

Katrina was almost a brick in this growing tower of death.  For 10 years, she was a pharmaceutical punching bag. Weighing in at 276 lbs, doctors pummeled her with this drug and that drug. When those didn’t work, they threw uppercuts while assuring her that the benefits outweighed the risks.

Sure, her own bad habits forced her into the ring. Over the phone, she admitted, “I was seriously sick and had been for over a decade from self inflicting abuse to my body.”

It started when she was a kid.

“I’ve been overweight since I was 8 years old.  I ate mostly sugar-coated cereals, chips, and fast food.  Of course the weight piled on.”

Our system of sick care was set up to prey off of this scenario.  Poisoned by the Standard American Diet (SAD) as kids, adult lives are dominated by ineffective meds for profit.

“I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2001 at the age of 30.  I’m 42 now. I had been on prescription blood pressure medicine since 1995 at the age of 24. When I found The People’s Chemist, I was on 9 prescription medicines including the dreaded fat storing insulin! My doctors had diagnosed me with high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, morbid obesity, and hyperactive thyroid.”

Despite the barrage of drugs, her health continued to deteriorate.  She speaks of the emotional plight.

“It was a daily struggle being overweight.  Every minute was a challenge.”

“I didn’t know what to do.”

Like a world champion heavyweight, Katrina dug deep and found a constellation of fighting genes that gave her the strength to fight back.

“One night I was surfing the web for celebrity gossip and stumbled across your free, 18-minute exercise routines. I weighed 276 lbs at the time.  The heaviest I had ever been. I clicked on it.”

Katrina started her comeback in a conference room at work. She reserved it for exercise, early in the morning, before co-workers arrived. This do anywhere program gave her the shot of adrenaline she needed to get her doctors to take a step back.

When you have the toughness and power of a mom who wants a better life for her daughter, nothing can hold you back for the comeback of a lifetime. Especially when you’ve been chambering rounds out of shear frustration of broken promises courtesy of Western Medicine.

Katrina was in smash mode.

She began using The AM-PM Fat Loss Discovery. That got her off insulin in two months.

Taking insulin for Type II diabetes is like non-stop face-punching. Unlike Type I diabetes, victims already have insulin overload due to the pancreas reacting to high blood sugar. With doctor-prescribed insulin, most patients are eventually KO’d by more diabetes, heart disease and cancer…

Type II diabetics shouldn’t even say the word insulin.

Insulin use is trendy only because the pharmaceutical industry, working with Wall Street, have the sick care strategy all figured out; Find a sick market, mask symptoms (in this case high blood sugar), make a shit-load of money.

It’s so effective at stockpiling profit that Big Pharma recently raised the price of insulin 5 times the average. Bleeding insurance companies for more cash, Wall Street held a party. More corporate jets were bought.

Fighting focuses the mind and heightens the senses. Lighter already and with more room to move, Katrina kept smashing.

“Off my meds, my A1C levels dropped to 6.2. On meds it was over 10. My triglycerides were 800, now 101! Numbers don’t lie, like you say, it’s all about measurable results.”

“I was off all my meds in only 7 months.”

“Shane, you gave me the information, tools, and products I needed to change my life forever. I had my 1 yr anniversary last Thursday and weighed in at 139.8 lbs!  Total of 136.2 lbs lost – down to size 6 pants and size medium shirt.”

“I actually jump out of bed in the morning! I spend the weekends playing with my daughter.  We go fishing, play at the park, walk around the neighborhood, ride bikes, play basketball in the driveway.  Everything parents should be doing with their kids.”

“My friends and family say they’ve never personally met anyone who has lost over 100 lbs before without having gastric bypass surgery.”

“Oh, and I’ve never been able to shop for regular misses clothing.  I’ve always been a plus size girl, even in middle and high school.   Lane Bryant was my shop of choice.  I went in there a couple months ago to get a new pair of work pants and their smallest size fell off of me.  I literally didn’t know where to go to shop for clothes!  I had to ask some girlfriends where to get some regular size clothes!  It’s a whole new world.”

Getting off drugs and saving yourself from doctors orders is a sizable opponent for the ill informed. It’s nothing for someone driven by the will to live and armed with The AM-PM Fat Loss Discovery. No drug can do what Katrina did for herself: Fight back against a criminal status quo that’s bullying and beating down patients in the name of health care.

home-before - "I was off all my meds in only 7 months"
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"I was off all my meds in only 7 months"
— The People’s Chemist Fan

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