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My son Blair is filling a lot more of our small plane – a 1962 Mooney. He’s been flying in it since he was 6 years old. Now 13, he’s… read more »

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If you were born inside Plato’s allegorical cave, your only source of “knowledge” would come from shadows flickering on the cave’s walls. With no bearing in reality, the obscure shapes… read more »

Case Study #3 features a leukemia patient who refused chemo treatment. At 88 years old, Chuck Sr. is a proud father, pilot, and golfer. Guided by Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, this story… read more »

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“Urbana, Ohio, is about 1500 miles if we fly direct, boys!” I yelled. Blair and his wrestling buddy had no idea what that meant. But they knew it was gonna… read more »

Prenatal vitamins aren’t what you think they are.  Just because that label reads “prenatal vitamin” and your doctor tells you, “make sure to take your prenatal,” it doesn’t mean you’re… read more »

After following her doctor’s orders, Shannon’s weight ballooned. She also became more depressed, hungry and lethargic. Then she found, The People’s Chemist. In a matter of weeks, she ditched the… read more »

After following her doctor’s orders, Kim began a downward spiral on meds. In addition to her high blood sugar, side effects began to make her feel awful. Then she found,… read more »

“Should I vaccinate?” As a medicinal chemist, it’s one of the questions I get the most. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to answer without getting labeled, censored, or attacked.  Public vaccine commentary… read more »

Case Study #4 features a Steve, a blood clot survivor. He refused the absurd advice of taking liver-damaging blood thinners for the rest of his life as a remedy. Instead,… read more »

When Blair asked me what we were doing over the Christmas break, the answer was easy: Wrestling. He had visions of baking honey desserts with mom, riding his bike downtown… read more »


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