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If you’re wondering where you should start when it comes to taking charge of your health, quit sugar.  The average person consumes ten times the healthy limit!  The rising mortality… read more »

Looking for a good treat to hush the kids while shopping Whole foods? …Watch out for the chocolate! Chocolate today is an abysmal failure, resembling nothing like its ancient roots.… read more »

Childbirth is a special, life-altering process that sets the stage for a child’s development throughout life. Award winning science shows that when done correctly, unmedicated birth encourages health and parental… read more »

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As a father, by the time baby #4 rolls around, you think you have it all figured out. Your role, as a guy, is simply to stand on the sidelines… read more »

A few months ago there was a viral image called “Dressgate.” It was a picture of a dress. “What color do you think the dress is?” Endless debate ensued. “Experts”… read more »

Subway recently announced it would be removing all artificial ingredients from its menu by 2017, including all artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Like typical sheep, people celebrated. “Wahoo!!! Victory!!! The… read more »

Honey was mankind’s first sweetener. Valued for its sweetness and nutritional value, it actually serves as Mother Nature’s antidote to allergies.  And when it’s taken straight from the hive, it… read more »

The average organic shopper is totally clueless about the HARMFUL ingredients contained in so-called “organic” chocolate. Sugar, sugar, and more sugar and zero nutrients…you’re better off eating cardboard!  Real chocolate… read more »

It’s not easy to sue Big Pharma.  But, legal firm Baum Hedlund has been doing it for years.  Unfortunately, as pharmaceutical deceit and side-effects grow, it’s getting exponentially more difficult.… read more »

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