The People's Chemist

An onslaught of chemical rich products have infiltrated your household…Are you really living better through chemistry? Watch this short video to protect your family.

If people feared chemotherapy like they do cancer, we’d start winning the war on cancer. Learn what doctors won’t tell you about chemotherapy. Chemist and author of Over-The-Counter Natural Cures… read more »

The People’s Chemist explains how the pharmaceutical industry uses the “high cholesterol scam” to hook healthy people on drugs.

Learn 4 critical ways to help your body ward off cancer, daily.

CrossFit mom back in gym after giving birth Lea-Ann Ellison caught heat after photo of her weight lifting while pregnant She has since given birth and is back in shape

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, 65-year-old Tom never gave up on his dream to become a pilot…But, heart disease and meds – for cholesterol and blood thinning – almost… read more »

If you have bad knees, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) is the last thing you should ever be doing! But, what happens if you love it!? Some people let their limitations… read more »

Prescription drug commercials (AKA “ads of doom”) are always the same: a mini-saga highlighting a victim of disease…followed by DRUGS being positioned as the only possible hero. Drugs purported to… read more »

The People’s Chemist answers what is the best options in skin care and suntan oil. In this video he talks about Kukui Oil: a $5 a month option that can… read more »

The People’s Chemist talks fat loss tips!

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