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From Farm to Cup: Get All the Greens You Need to Live Young

Essential Greens Powder
  • Increase Bone Density
  • Increase Endurance
  • Best Source of Vitamin K and C
  • More Vibrant Looking Skin
  • Curb Appetite and Control Blood Sugar
  • Help Proper Digestion and Gut Health
  • Curb Bloating

The Science

TPC Essential Greens is a spirulina and organic vegetable blend designed to knock-out nutrient deficiencies and environmental toxins, while putting the immune system into overdrive. A lifetime athlete, dad and pilot, I needed a “nutrient bomb” that would replenish my body with the compounds it needed for shortened recovery times, sustained energy and longevity. Essential Greens is the answer to that.

A true whole food, it provides natural anti-inflammatories, increases glutathione (a must for excreting harmful compounds) and raises nitric oxide (enabling healthy arteries). Additionally, TPC Essential Greens helps your body mount a defense to the ever-growing threat of cancer.

With the increased ability to isolate and structurally identify the various phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables, researchers around the world have confirmed that a wide array of isolated nutrients – as found in Essential Greens – is among the best ways to stop the invasion of “uncontrolled cell growth.” With repeated use, this optimizes health, energy and functional lifespan.

Every ingredient in TPC Essential Greens is non-GMO, organic and free of all pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. It’s the first and only product that brings the farmers market home! Enjoy this great tasting, energizing blend of nature’s most powerful greens!

Beet Root

Beet root contains high amounts of biologically active substances including betalains and inorganic nitrates. Together, they optimize athletic performance, blood pressure, and blood flow. Clinical studies suggest positive effects of increased nitric oxide among those who consume beet, thereby increasing muscle efficiency and decreasing muscular fatigue.* *
Organic Moringa Leaf

Moringa leaves come from a drought-resistant tree in South Asia. Known for their durability, they're rich in naturally-occurring iron, which doesn't bioaccumulate in the blood like synthetic iron common to “multi-vitamins.” Known for its ability to help overcome malnutrition, moringa possess a wide range of biological activities including tissue and muscle repair (liver, kidneys, heart, testes, and lungs), analgesic, antiulcer, antihypertensive, radioprotective, and immunomodulatory actions.
* *
Spirulina Algae

Well known for its rich nutrient profile, Spirulina contains naturally occurring calcium, niacin, potassium, manganese, and B vitamins. It’s the crucial ingredient for anyone looking to increase their bone density.* *
Wild Cherry Bark

Also known as tart cherry, cherry bark is an alternative to synthetic anti-inflammatories. Rich with the active ingredients known as anthocyanins, it’s natures answer to fiery inflammation. Studied extensively, cherry bark can lower C-reactive protein as well as many other markers of swelling and injury such as plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 and ligands for advanced glycation end products. Athletes feel these benefits as shortened recovery times and increased endurance.* *

Broccoli is among the best sources of vitamins K and C, as well as folate. It also provides potassium and fiber. Since nobody eats it, broccoli is well represented in Essential Greens!* *

Cabbage is among the best sources of vitamin K and C, which help in fighting free radicals and ensuring vibrant looking skin. Often called beauty minerals, it’s also abundant in silicon and sulphur.* *

Kale is best known for aiding digestion and ensuring proper absorption of iron and other nutrients. Taken with a meal, it helps curb appetite and control blood sugar.* *

It made Popeye strong. It can do the same to those who take Essential Greens and adhere to The 18-Minute workout (FREE in App store).* *
Ginger Root

Ginger is essential for proper digestion and gut health. It’s best known for its ability to prevent morning sickness as well as asthma.* *

Bromelain is one of the chief digestive aids. It helps ward off acid reflux and low HCl levels in the stomach.* *
Streptococcus Thermophilus (Probioitic)

Thermophilus is a gram-positive bacterium from fermented milk. It aids in digestions and curbs bloating - better than kombucha and without the sugar!* *
OPTI-BIOME® Bacillus Subtilis (Probioitic)

OPTI-BIOME Bacillus subtilis MB40 is a naturally occurring, spore-forming organism which protects itself from extreme pH and heat like the conditions associated with some food manufacturing processes.* *

The TPC Difference


From Farm to Cup: Get All the Greens You Need to Live Young

on sale
Essential Greens Powder

Essential Greens

A Spirulina And Organic Vegetable Blend Designed To Knock-out Nutrient Deficiencies And Environmental Toxins, While Putting The Immune System Into Overdrive. 20% OFF LIMITED TIME!
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why would I need Essential Greens?

Mom is right! Eating your vegetables every day is essential. Essential means “absolutely necessary”, “indispensable.”

Essential Greens is full of fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin A for healthy eyes, vitamin E for healthy skin, calcium for strong healthy bones, Co-Q10 for a healthy heart, magnesium for healthy nerves, vitamin C for repairing damage and too many others to list. Essential Greens contains all of mother nature’s ingredients that the body can actually utilize – even probiotics for healthy digestion.

Greens (and reds, from beet root) are essential for overall body health. It’s like nature’s most perfect multi-vitamin & mineral nutrient.

Essential Greens is for anyone who is unsure if they’re eating a well-balanced diet, daily, and obtaining all the vitamin and mineral nutrients their body requires to rebuild itself and stay healthy.

Looked at another way, anyone who feels tired and sluggish during the day… Who takes a long time to recover from exercise or physical activity… Who feels like they should be stronger… Likely has some vitamin or mineral deficiency, due to missing nutrients. But synthetic vitamins and chalky mineral tablets aren’t going to help. In fact, they can be causing more harm and even side effects you’re not even aware of.

Essential Greens is indispensable to obtain vital nutrients anyone needs daily.

2. How should I use it?

Mix one scoop into a glass of tomato or vegetable juice with a squeeze of lemon with a healthy fat meal.

Or you can mix one scoop into a morning shake consisting of 16 oz purified water, 1 or 2 raw organic eggs, and one scoop of Whey Advanced.

Or, get creative! But remember! Fat soluble nutrients require healthy fats in order to be utilized by the body. So don’t drink it with water on an empty stomach.

3. What makes Essential Greens different?

After looking over the choices of greens products on the market, we were hard-pressed to find one that didn’t contain unnecessary sugar or fruits just to make it taste sweet. You wouldn’t sprinkle sugar on your string beans or kale salad, would you?

Most other products are also a lot more expensive for a lot less powder. And because they’re sweetened and flavored, that means you’re getting even less actual vegetable nutrients than you think.

Essential Greens is the ONLY greens product that contains ZERO sugar. It’s slightly sweetened with stevia to make it more palatable, but most people appreciate the taste of a fresh garden of vegetables. And it’s also the ONLY greens product that contains a serving of natural probiotics in every scoop!

If you’re taking separate lab-derived vitamins, minerals, and probiotics, you are wasting your money at best – At worst, you’re clogging your body with synthetic nutrients your body cannot utilize. What you need Essential Greens.

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