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Joint Cure Helps Aspiring BJJ Grappler Choke Out Knee Pain For Good!

If you have bad knees, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) is the last thing you should ever be doing! But, what happens if you love it!?

Some people let their limitations define their lifestyle, others overcome them, like Sebastian.

Sebastian is a 30-year-old fan of BJJ – a form of martial arts that involves grappling, ground fighting, and maneuvering your body in strategic ways to tap out your opponent. There’s just one problem – he’s had severe knee pain since he was a kid. Sadly, BJJ was a distant dream…

“I first started wearing a knee brace when I was 10 or so and it just got worse and worse as time went on,” Sebastian explains. “By the age of 28 my knee had popped out a number of times and was swelling each time. I was limping and could not run, as it really was painful.”

He Tried Everything Under the Sun (Even Surgery!) to Get Rid of His Knee Pain…

“I got an MRI and found out that the meniscus in my right knee was torn to bits,” says Sebastian. “I tried a bunch of different things like Kinesis tape, adjustments, and then surgery. In the surgery, close to 80% of the meniscus was removed. I was told to take it easy – because there was no longer any pad in between the two parts of my bones and that I would just be getting arthritis a lot earlier in my life.”

Anyone who practices BJJ knows that your knees are critical to your success on the ground. Bad knees make it nearly impossible to protect yourself or beat your opponent silly.

As if that weren’t bad enough – imagine being told by experts “You’re going to get arthritis early in life and there’s nothing you can do about it.

That sucks.

It’s a sad state of affairs when so-called “gurus” tell patients their ill-thought out hypotheses. It’s sadder than the reality start Snooki having babies – Living life without doing the things you love, isn’t living.

My own BJJ aspirations have led to broken collar bones, cracked ribs, torn meniscus, even a broken ankle. I’ve never submitted to them. Each one has healed 100% naturally thanks to Joint FX and the occasional acupuncture – just last year I won the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation No-Gi World Championships (purple belt) in Los Angeles, California for my division…I’ll be damned if I let injuries push me or anyone else into a sedentary life…

That’s why I made Joint FX.

Unlike anything you’ll find in a prescription bottle or on the shelf of your local store, it forces joints to heal by stimulating healing hormones!

The People’s Chemist Offers Hope for “Bad Knees” in Place of Ibuprofen

When Sebastian discovered The People’s Chemist, he wasn’t particularly looking for a healthy solution. He just wanted the pain to go away.

“To be honest, I didn’t have a big thing about ‘natural,'” he says. “I was popping ibuprofen after each time I would do BJJ. After awhile, the ibuprofen stopped working.”

“After 3 months or so of rehab, the pain did get better, but never fully went away,” he continues. “I was just pissed that it never stopped hurting. It was better since it was no longer popping out. But the pain was still just a dull nag. I was told that my knee would hurt forever, and I would never be able to use it again 100%.”

Luckily, a friend introduced Sebastian to The People’s Chemist, and THE TRUTH started to become clearer…

If You Give the Body What It Needs, It Will Fix Itself…

“I got a book from a friend called The Stop Eating So F#@%ing Much Diet, read it and loved it,” says Sebastian. “All of it made so much sense. The book explained so much and really made me understand how the body should be responding to food and so on. This made me go ‘Wow, this guy really knows his stuff.’ That’s what got me to see that it was a legit team. I went from 205 lbs to 167.4! I then went and checked the website and found Joint FX.”

Sebastian’s curiosity turned out to be a life-saver – or more accurately, a knee-saver. By searching my site, he eventually discovered my popular joint supplement, Joint FX – known for replenishing even the most torn up of knees.

“I started using Joint FX and instantly the pain went away!” he says. “I used it for a bit more, and not only did the pain go away but I totally forgot about it. I had no pain in my knee I was doing BJJ like nothing ever happened in the first place. My knees are free and able to move everywhere with no pain. Love it!”

Keep Tolerating Knee Pain, or Live Life Fully? Can You Say Knee Pain Amnesia?

When it comes to knee pain (and any other joint pain), you have a choice. You can continue tolerating the nagging, irritating, painful sensations that put a damper on your enjoyment of life. Or… you can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Thousands of people have bought Joint FX and given themselves “knee pain amnesia” as a result. In other words, they completely forget they ever had pain in the first place.

“I had Meniscus Surgery 2 years ago and I don’t even feel like I had anything wrong at all,” says Sebastian. “It’s just nuts, because I felt like I was going to lose BJJ due to my knee, and that was really hard. To this day, I am still doing BJJ. I will roll 3-4 times a week and have no pain at all. People tell me how well I move on my feet when we roll. When I tell them about Joint FX and that I had surgery on my knee, they look shocked.”

Is Joint FX a Miracle, or Simply “Mother Nature in a Bottle”?

“Your shit really works!” he says. “I told my professor about Joint FX because he was having some shoulder problems. I have gone to 3 other schools and have told people about Joint FX everywhere I go. There are a lot of people who are in pain doing BJJ. At each school, there are people who have knee problems, so I show them what works for me. I try to get them to check out Joint FX because I know it works. I think if it gets to BJJ pros, it would really get around to a lot of people.”

Restore Your Knees to 100% – with Joint FX, Start Living Young!

Sebastian reported that he recently competed in his first competition – Gi at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach. “I won the first match and lost the 2nd match by points,” he says. “I will keep rolling and get my weight down to the next category and do another one.”

That’s the spirit! That’s living young. That’s ignoring the status quo and kicking ass!

If Sebastian can do ground-fighting after previously having bad knees, then there’s no excuse for YOUR knees not be restored to 100%. With Joint FX, you can have fun and leave everything on the mat!

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