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Novartis Caught Red Handed!

Breaking news…the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan is cracking down on Swiss drug company, Novartis AG.

The crime?

Novartis hosted 80,000 “sham” events to bribe doctors into prescribing drugs. That’s enough white coats to fill an NFL stadium.

Sham events are only part of the massive fraud that exists in the industry. When I was a chemist for Big Pharma it was common place to wine and dine doctors to influence their prescribing habits…Specifically, they were doing it heavily for the so-called anti-cancer drug Tamoxifen, which sadly enough actually causes cancer.

For a doctor it’s quite a sweet deal…you get free food, free booze, free vacations and an ego boost to give a “seminar.” In exchange, you push Novartis drugs on unsuspecting people who don’t need them…while swindling other physicians to sing along to the same pharmaceutical tune.

It’s incredibly lucrative for the scumbag doctors who participate…and most do, surprisingly.

Meanwhile, DUMB ass Americans whine about the most trivial shit.

I just got an email from a lady who wants to report me to the Better Business Bureau for cussing and railing against conspiracy nut, Alex Jones. “Your unprofessionalism is outrageous and I suspect your business practices are just as shoddy,” she insisted. Words spoken by someone who knows nothing about my business practices.

I get weekly emails from frail vegans complaining about my use of gelatin caps. “When will you wake up and stop using animal products?” they plea, while their flesh rots away due to nutrient deficiency and muscle wasting. (Typical vegans.)

I try to be nice by assuring them I only euthanize ugly puppies to make my gelatin capsules…to save people from the glue-like, semi-synthetic, hypromellose disguised as “veggie caps.”  Pardon me.

As you can see, the real issues are ignored or unseen. Whether it’s complaining about my cussing or bitching about capsules they know nothing about, people have been marinating in their doctors bullshit for so long they can’t smell pharmaceutical stench anymore.

Bribery happens all the time in medicine.

Novartis made $57.9 billion in sales in 2013, ranking #1 among the world-wide industry. According to a Bloomberg report, the U.S. government claims that Novartis “defrauded federal health-care programs of hundreds of millions of dollars for over a decade.”

That just warms my heart. These profits are glorified.  I bet the CEO gets a Nobel Prize…or is put on the cover of Time.

Doctors were bribed to prescribe Celebrex as “the safest pain killer in history.” It killed about 50,000 according to the FDA.

Doctors are bribed to prescribe ineffective and risky Lipitor (cholesterol-lowering drug) by the fistful. Same for blood pressure meds…the list goes on. And every single drug decreases quality of life and lifespan.

What’s the outcome of all this bribery? A staggering death toll caused by “properly used” prescription drugs.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM), one person dies every 5 minutes from an “approved” drug – almost 300 deaths every day. That’s twice as many fatalities in a single year as the total number of U.S. deaths [58,000] from the Vietnam War. This doesn’t even include the 98,000 killed every year by medical error and over 35,000 overdose deaths from pain pills.

…And the troglodytes reading this are worried about my cussing?

True, I don’t have PR strategists, polished TV appearances, speaking gigs with neatly organized slideshows, or social media pages that successorize my life…And I don’t swoon customers into believing a polished, spit-shined image of self-created bullshit.

That’s what Big Pharma and the medical doctors are doing today…to get you hooked on meds.

As The People’s Chemist, I really don’t give a shit what you think about me, my language, or my business practices. I’m simply the lone voice of reason for people who want to live young without the risky meds…and without following doctors’ advice, which is leading America off a medical cliff.

There’s a few of them out there, believe it or not.

I don’t care about the over-socialized, pieces-of-shit who make health decisions based on neatly packaged messages with all the politically correct words, carefully strewn together so as not to insult someone.

That approach is actually contributing to the problem, because it stops people from speaking the truth. In turn, it gives tyrants an even bigger PLATFORM from which to work — while desecrating the populace for their own monetary gain.

We’re “One Nation Under Drugs”…thanks to companies like Novartis and people who can’t see the real culprits.  Like universities have become nothing but high-priced occupational training centers, doctors have become nothing but hired pill pushers.

Big Pharma and its political allies would be powerless in getting us hooked on meds if it weren’t for a gaping deficiency in thinking that has become the norm in today’s tweet-heavy society. Faced with this extraordinary anti-intellectualism, facts and logic are powerless in showing how “following doctors orders” is today’s most imminent threat as well as, historically, man’s biggest downfall.

On March 22, 2016, Novartis sought a hearing from a judge. They claimed the government “exploded” the size of the case. Yeah right…and I’m a part-time pirate. Arrr, hear me now, ye!

They’re just worried this pesky little lawsuit will hurt their sales.

Is anyone wondering about the patients who were wrongly prescribed the meds?!?

In “One Nation Under Drugs,” it’s never about patients’ health in America. It’s all about the drug sales.

Novartis is still bribing doctors.  Prosecutors were seeking $3.3 billion in damages.  They only had to pay 10% of that…a tiny sliver from the profits made courtesy of doctors singing the holy hymns of their pharmaceutical Gods.

…for the handful of intelligent readers…don’t let bribe-able doctors determine your fate. Get off the meds so you can live a healthier more active life.  Read Over-the-Counter Natural Cures Expanded.


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