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#1 Reason Organic Food Might Be a Scam

My 9 year old son, Blair, was recently grounded from grocery shopping with mom.  Now, he sits with me for an hour doing math challenges, while Lea-Ann shops.

Too harsh?

Don’t worry, it’ll save his life.

His nagging for treats has reached an all-time high. 

If something catches his eye at the “organic” grocery store, he’s begging for it.  And who has time for that?

Instinctively, he thinks that anything organic is healthy. 

Mom knows better.

Why?  Because all too often, organic food is “fortified.”

His recent nag-fest was over a bag of organic nuts – adorned with light, breezy colors to impart a healthy look.

Poor kid didn’t stand a chance.  So deceiving.

Mom’s no dummy. 

She knows organic is the proverbial Sirens Call, deceptively luring shoppers to buy shit food they don’t need. 

Organic has some merit, but it doesn’t define healthy. 

Usually, organic is simply a catch-phrase used by Big Pharma and Big Food to swindle you into buying foods laced with their wares – synthetic fakes of nature.

Scanning the label’s fine print, Blair’s mixed nuts had things like folic acid, vitamin A, B-6, C, thiamine, vitamin D, nicotinic acid, selenium, beta-carotene, vitamin E and a slew of others! 

None of these come from nature, but instead, a beaker.

Made in the sterile labs of Big Pharma, these compounds are half-hearted mimics of food sourced nutrients.  Counterfeits, they’re harmful to him and anyone else who might indulge. 

That’s why organic food can be such a scam.  It’s pills disguised as food.

Scientists writing for The Journal of the American Dietetic Association warned over a decade ago that the overt toxicity of fortification clogs the body.  Once swallowed, they prevent it from absorbing the real nutrients.  The fall out is cancer, heart disease as well as liver and kidney disease.

Other researchers have found these same conclusions, as documented in my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures Expanded.  It also warns that kid treats aren’t the only food decoys at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Wild Oats and Trader Joes.

Thanks to the Infant Formula Act of 1980, a newborn can now be overdosed with anything made by Pharma inspired by nature.  It set a lower limit for synthetic additives but not an upper one.  This allowed for a full blown overdose…and big profits.  Take thiamine as a example. 

Naturally occurring in mothers milk, thiamine is required for proper development.  Big Pharma started making a bogus version to cash in on organic baby formulas.  Today, the imposter is dumped in by the truckload – some formulas contain up to 20 times the amount that comes from mother’s milk!  (That’s why my kids only drink moms milk as well as raw cow or goat’s milk – usually with egg yolk, bit of whey and honey.)

Did Big Pharma skip 6th grade math?

The use of fake thiamine and the miscalculation (really, just a profitable oversight) is wreaking havoc on kids.  In 2013, Autism Research and Treatment observed a 300-400% rise in autism among fortified-fed infants.

That’s just one example.  And it shows how Pharma profits off of making you sick, then sells you medicine on the back-end as a supposed treatment…

I sure as hell don’t need an observational study or even a causal one to know that my kids shouldn’t be poisoned with organic fortification.  Therefore, once Blair masters pre-algebra (next week) he can head back to Whole Foods with mom and help her read labels.

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