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Understanding Blood Sugar: The Origin of Cannibalism, Alcoholism, And Rabid Sugar Cravings


I began studying medicine to cure myself of hypoglycemia – a disorder which causes blood sugar (pictured above) to fall like an elevator with a snapped cable. It can cause seizures and permanent damage to the nervous system if left untreated. It’s miserable.

I was 14 years old when diagnosed. And even though that was 22 years ago, the medical community is still wildly confused about sugar (glucose) levels and health. Very few are able to properly diagnose today’s blood sugar woes for what they might be; early signs insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and infertility.

As a kid, I thought hypoglycemia would kill me. There are a dozen other ways I’d rather die. First you get dizzy, a sign that the Grim Reaper is closing in. Your world shrinks to focusing on what’s right in front of you as an attempt to stay conscious. Then, uncontrollable hunger sets in – the kind that gives rise to cannibalism if that’s your only option. If you don’t pass out, you’re possessed with “psychoglycemia,” which is an emotional whirlwind of confusion, rage, frustration, anger and desperation. Those around you either get out of your way, or get eaten.

Stealing Candy For The Cure

When my blood sugar registered 47 mg/dL (normal is about 80 to 95 mg/dL, or a bit higher for the elderly) at a routine doctors visit, physicians told my mom to give me “more sugar.” She acted as if “doctors orders” were so special that they should be carved into a plaque and therefore complied by giving me Jolly Ranchers.

It stopped the attacks for a bit. If I failed to carry my new “preventive medicine” with me, I simply ditched school for a trip to the nearest gas station for more. I had less “attacks,” but when they did come on, they hit harder. Eventually, I was stealing candy since I couldn’t keep up financially as a young, jobless teen.

In addition to the sugar cravings, plummeting blood sugar injects enormous cravings for alcohol and nicotine into the brain, which is why abstaining from both without addressing sugar woes is futile.

After a few months, I finally accepted the absurdity of it all. Wouldn’t it be more advantageous to figure out the cause of my low blood sugar, rather than use candy as the cure (early sign of my future as The People’s Chemist)? The doctors insisted there was no cure to hypoglycemia, only something I had to treat when it set in.

I bought a basic biology book. I read it. Then, I applied what I learned.

Causes of Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is usually caused by high insulin and glucose levels brought on by over-consumption of sweets, artificial flavors, alcohol, nicotine and lack of sunshine. Skipping breakfast, commonly used drugs like birth control, antidepressants, blood pressure drugs (natural alternative here) and cholesterol-lowering meds can do the same thing…So too can excess exercise coffee and tea. Any one of these variables cause overtly high levels of sugar (sometimes mistaken for Type I diabetes) and a corresponding plunge (diagnosed as hypoglycemia)…It can change you from a normal, withdrawn teen-with-an-attitude, into a baseball-bat-swinging, crazed young man who has no social boundaries and only sees “red,” or just cause you to be dead-tired…immobile like a snail in mud.

I started to take action and based my progress not on “hope” or “hype,” but instead on “measurable results,” which are things that are quantifiable like blood sugar and insulin levels, strength, resting heart rate, mood and more.

(Thank God the Internet wasn’t around, otherwise, I would have been thrown off track with disinformation and flim-flam. Just the other day I read in The New York Times that medical researchers now “suggest that dieters should eat cake for breakfast” as a method for controlling hunger throughout the day. If that’s not proof that there’s a master plan to put us all into The Fat Cow Hall of Fame, or that the medical community is a bunch of fucking clowns, I don’t know what is.)

In time, I learned that the hormone insulin – from my pancreas – was being spiked due to my own massive sugar intake from breakfast cereals, processed milk, yogurt, rolls, donuts, fruit and juice. Since insulin forces muscle cells to suck sugar out of the blood, my system was being inadvertently drained of it as the hormonal wave of protection flooded my bloodstream.

Furthermore, sugar balancing hormones known as glucagon and testosterone weren’t doing their job due to lack of amino acids, protein and healthy fats, which meant my body could not manufacture its own sugar when needed…And why should it if I’m choking down Jolly Ranchers?

That was the second most important lesson:

The body regulates its own sugar requirements by converting fats, protein and amino acids to sugar as needed. Any disruption in this precarious ecosystem is going to shunt this innate hormonal protection.

I also learned that if my rate of sugar consumption continued at its current pace, I’d become insulin resistant, then Type II diabetic. You see, eventually, muscle cells get so “overworked” by excess insulin that they become “resistant” to its sugar-removing properties. Plus, since most nutrients are also ferried into the cell by insulin, I’d suffer from malnutrition for years to come.

I wondered, “How come my doctors don’t know this shit?”

My cure was to force my body back into its natural hormone state, what I now term Hormone Intelligence. No drug can do this. I had to lower my insulin levels while simultaneously force my muscles to be more sensitive to it. I also needed my glucagon and testosterone to work more efficiently. To this end, trial and error – along with requests for my own blood work – showed that abstaining from sugar and snacks while consuming 3 meals per day reversed my hypoglycemia.

My diet consisted of high healthy fats, protein from whole eggs and whey isolate and non-sweet carbohydrates (vegetables) – not fucking Jolly Ranchers – as outlined in my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures. Supplementing with “sarsaparilla root” and cinnamon tweaked my testosterone levels for the better too. It took about 2 weeks to rebound back to normal. Once I did, I felt so good that I finally gave in to my moms plea to try out high school wrestling.

This protocol not only saved me from being a thief, but also warded off future mental and physical distress. If hypoglycemia goes untreated, it manifests into all kinds of medical problems that carry labels like attention deficit, depression, alcoholism, and bi-polar disorder. Fact is, in most cases, you’re not sick, your just being poisoned by sugar and artificial flavors.

A simple blood test can help you monitor your future health.

How To Read a Fasting Blood Sugar Test

Even today, most doctors aren’t reading or interpreting blood sugar levels accurately. When the test result comes back, It’s like the Mothership landed on The Planet of The Apes and everyone is sitting around scratching their ass, pondering what it could mean. It isn’t that hard. Whether you’re an adult or child, here is how to read a fasting blood sugar test:

If lower than 70 mg/dL you are hypoglycemic

If between 70-99 mg/dL it’s normal

If between 100-125 mg/dL you are insulin resistant, pre-Type II diabetes

If 126 mg/dL or higher you are either Type I or Type II diabetic

None of these values are labels for life! In fact, these numbers alone are not very helpful and they should never be used to dictate what actions should be taken.

Blood Tests Alone Can’t Diagnose You

Your test results are only a snapshot of a much bigger picture, not a tool for diagnosis. It’s very likely that your blood sugar right now is vastly different than it was one hour ago, which means that if you go by blood sugar levels alone, you could be diabetic one hour, healthy the next.

To get a better idea of your overall health, couple your fasting sugar levels to other symptoms of illness like body fat percentage and insulin levels.

Why Insulin is The Worst Medication for a Type II Diabetic

If you have high blood sugar coupled to high body fat, then you can bet your ass that your headed toward Type II diabetes. No prescription drug or any type of insulin – commonly being used today – is going to help you. In fact, insulin is the worst thing for a Type II diabetic. It’s like throwing gas on the Type II diabetes fire.

Type II diabetes is an illness of too much insulin….Would you give more rotten food to someone suffering from food poisoning in hope that they’d get nutrients?

If you are a child or teen showing high blood sugar numbers, and are overweight, you are NOT Type I diabetic simply because you registered high sugar. You are most likely Type II diabetic and you can verify with another blood test for insulin.

Type I diabetics don’t have insulin.

To make this more clear:

If 126 mg/dL or higher AND overweight, plus showing insulin in blood, you are Type II diabetic

If 126 mg/dL or higher and thin, with no insulin in your blood, you are Type I diabetic

Your entire hormone balance rests in blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity. Taking charge of it is taking charge of your future. Don’t leave it up to your doctor because you’re the one who has to live with it. And managing it is a constant battle, especially today considering the barrage of “health foods” doped up with sugars and artificial flavors and lacking in healthy fats and proteins. No doubt, “healthy eating” is killing us, slowly.

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